Coffee – The Wonder Drink at Our 24 Hour Coffee Shop

coffe shop in dhradun

Coffee – The Wonder Drink at Our 24 Hour Coffee Shop

Coffee at Ashok Spa

Anything can happen over a cup of coffee, especially when you are having one in the lap of Himalayas. In our 24-hour open coffee shop, we assure to satisfy all your caffeine cravings. A refreshing cup of coffee, during any time of the day or night, can certainly provide much energy to your body.

What can be better than sitting in our coffee shop with your loved ones, sipping your coffee and beholding a beautiful view? Or if you are an avid traveller, who loves to travel alone, nothing can keep you a better company than a cup of coffee.

Coffee is known to has several health-related benefits. Let’s find out, what wonders our beloved beverage can do to our body.

Makes you Happier and Smarter

It has the capacity of stimulating your mood and making you happy. According to a Harvard study, the women who drink more than 4 cups in a day, were happier than who did not. So, the next time when you find yourself down in the dumps, treat yourself with a steaming cup.

Coffee also makes you smarter by improving various aspects of brain function.This includes memory, energy levels, reaction times, mood vigilance, and general cognitive function.

Great For your Skin

As we all know, coffee is the greatest source of antioxidants. A cup of coffee has more antioxidants than a whole glass of orange, grape or berry juice. Antioxidants are good for the health of your skin as it protects your skin from several conditions like sunburn, skin ageing and skin cancers.

Shields you from Some Types of Cancer

Cancer is characterized by uncontrolled growth of cells in the body and is a leading cause of deaths in all around the world. Several studies done in the reputed institutions have find out that 1-3 cups of coffee can reduce the risk of two types of cancer by 24%.  This protective benefit increases with more consumption.

Protects your Liver

Liver is a major organ in our body since it performs hundreds of actions daily. Frequent heavy alcohol intake can expose your liver to cirrhosis, in which liver is largely replaced by scar tissues. Although this condition can be ignored by moderate alcohol intake, as it turns out that coffee protects your liver from cirrhosis.

Coffee has Essential Nutrients

Coffee is not a mere black powder, it has been discovered that coffee has many essential nutrients.

These are:

  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2): 11% of the RDA.
  • Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5): 6% of the RDA.
  • Manganese and Potassium: 3% of the RDA.
  • Magnesium and Niacin (B3): 2% of the RDA.

This amount adds up as you increase your coffee intake.

Protects your Heart from Disease

Some most recent researchers say that drinking 3-5 cups of coffee every day can largely eliminate the causes of premature death. According to these studies, taking this much coffee can lessen the chances of developing cardiovascular diseases significantly.

It also diminishes the chances of stroke. So, the researchers have busted the myth that the consumption of coffee can increase the risk of heart diseases.

It May Keep you Alive for Longer

Research done in several countries like Korea, Japan and England has shown some staggering results. According to these researchers, taking 1-5 cups regularly can wipe out the causes of early death by 30%. As we have already discussed the diseases that shields us from, these results seem more plausible to us.

That’s not all…

One thing  most interesting about these researches is, they back the finding that it promotes a longer lifespan in women than in men.

Coffee, thus, is a beneficial beverage. The fog, that it is as bad as cigaratte and alcohol, from so many years, has been finally cleared out.

After roaming in the beautiful city of Dehradun whole day, you are bound to feel drained of your energy. Regain your energy! Come to us and we will welcome you with your favourite beverage at any time of the day or night. We have made a promise to ourself, to provide you with THE best and we will provide you THE best because the promises to ourself are the most important.

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