Mystery: Some Unknown Facts about Dehradun


Mystery: Some Unknown Facts about Dehradun

Dehradun is the capital city of Uttrakhand and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in India. Every year thousands of people come to Dehradun to relax and to spend their vacations in the lap of Himalayas. The weather of the city is always lovely and so is the landscape. The city has the highest level of rains during monsoon.


The city of Dehradun is not just a measly hill station. It is heaving with heritage and culture. The city has a long list of famous tourist spots and landmarks. There are also some lesser known facts about Dehradun that we wish to reveal today.

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Foundation of Dehradun

The city of Dehradun was founded in 18th Century by the eldest son of Guru Har Rai, Guru Ram Rai. Guru Har Rai is the seventh guru of Sikh panth. The Sikh devotees came to this city in 1676 and also, Dehradun was ruled by Sikhs for long twenty four years. An annual fair is still held in the memory of Guru Ram Rai in the village of Dhamwala.

Mohuna village Deobun

The Name

The name of the city ‘Dehradun’ is the result of amalgamation of two words. These are ‘Dera’ and ‘dun’. The word ‘dera’ means a camp and ‘dun’ means valley. The city got its name from the historical fact that Guru Ram Rai set up his camp here in 1676.

The Historical References

Dehradun was a part of the Mauryan Empire under the supremacy of Ashoka the Great. A rock edict of Ashoka the Great found in Kalsi in 1860 proves this. It finds its mention as Kedar Khand, the abode of Lord Shiva in ‘Skanda Purana’. It is also mentioned in Mahabharata and Ramayana. Moreover, Dehradun was a home to Guru Dronacharya.


Prestigious Educational Institutions

Dehradun is among the cities of India with topmost and reputed educational institutions. From Indian Military Academy, Welhams Girls School, Survey of India to prestigious Doon Schools. The city has earned the nickname of Eton of East because of the presence of these institutions.

Prestigious Educational Institutions Dehradun

City of Famous People

Celebrities like Ruskin Bond, Bill Acne, David Cling and Nayantara Sahgal live in the city. All these people were born somewhere else but moved to Dehradun region because of its richness. The city has given birth to many famous people like Anita Desai, Neha Kakkar, Kulraj Randhawa to name a few.

City of Famous People Dehradun

The Land of Litchis

Dehradun is home to scenic beauty. The Sal forest stretches over miles and produces rich yield of resin, honey, wax and lac. Dehradun is also called as the land of litchis because of its extra sweet litchis. The litchis from this region are named Dehradun Litchi.

The Land of Litchis Dehradun

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